Custom Jewelry


"I believe that every person is UNIQUE and SPECIAL. I celebrate and empower the uniqueness of people, so they can have special, original and ONE-OF-A-KIND jewelry."

Tatiana Marques

The creation of bespoke engagement or wedding jewelry represents a personalization of unique events in a person's life.

I design one-of-a-kind, handmade gold and silver jewelry for successful people, just like YOU, because I believe in celebrating and empower your uniqueness.

Jewelry Design

These jewels are made with precious and semi-precious stones in symbiosis with wonderful original designs developed with you and exclusively for you!


Maria I.
We couldn't be happier with our choice! We wanted classic wedding rings, but with a special touch; and for the bride to wear, some simple, personalized earrings that matched the wedding theme (flowers). With her professionalism and dedication, Tatiana was able to meet what we asked for and go even further. With gold provided by us, Tatiana made our beautiful wedding rings and the bride's wonderful earrings in the shape of pansies.
Maria I.
It should be noted that it was asked that one of the earrings be an ear stretcher, something that Tatiana had never done and that we had never seen in a jewelery shop, but with her commitment it was perfect... I haven't took them since! Thank you Tatiana for your kindness and availability throughout the process and for creating these beautiful pieces that made all the difference on our very special day.
Filipa C.
From the beginning of the process of creating the set, Tatiana was very flexible and attentive to details. She made several sketches and in the 2nd meeting she already had the perfect drawing. She helped in choosing the stones and all the elements that were part of the pieces. Thanks for the effort and dedication. It will always be a very special set and one that I will use more often.
Filipa C.
I really liked it thank you 😍
Leonilde G.
Immense gratitude for having helped us to leave the conventional, which never convinced my daughter, and to reach this wonderful result. We're with a heart full of the love that she carries, because it was made from his grandfather's ring, practically unused and which gave this beautiful result, simple, delicate and completely different, which was what we intended.. Gratitude Tatiana

This CUSTOM DESIGN evolves a sentimental connection between YOU and the STUNNING JEWELRY.

After approval of the design and respective budget, I make the jewelry by hand in order to turn your dreams into reality!

At the end of the order, you can choose to buy the jewelry design portfolio, which contains the entire history of the jewels, from the initial drawings to the final photographs.

In this way, you are buying not only a unique, customized and high quality handmade product, but also the entire development and production history of the jewel or jewelry set.

Each jewel is prepared and treated with great care and a huge desire to contribute to your complete satisfaction.