Process and Inspiration

"Each jewel, like each person, is seen as a special and complete element, necessary to beautify the world."

Tatiana Marques

What I learned with my experience in Italy is that the most important thing in a jewel is the STONE. The design works itself around the stones to capture their reflection to the light, their personality, their specialness.

When I design most of my creations, I have my design desk full of amazing colourful stones, inside their little boxes. I rejoice to take the stones and excitedly combine them to start sketching. It’s from the combination of those stones that rises my inspiration to design jewels, mostly related with nature, animals and fantasy.

To create custom jewelry, you and I work together to reach your DREAM JEWEL.

Every steps to create your DREAM JEWEL are handmade by me to fulfil your desires: the stones’ selection, design, metal casting, goldsmith work, engraving, stone setting, baths (gold bath, rhodium bath...) and packing.

When I create a sculpture jewel, I also do the modelling of plasticine and wax, silicone molds, lost wax casting, metal casting and all steps described before. Creating a unique and original jewellery piece is my passion and I would like you to know how it works.

When I'm in my creative space, I just lose track of time! I forget to eat, to sleep and, sometimes, do all-nighters until I realise how late it is.

I like to buy locally as long as it has the required quality. I search the stones and select them based on their personality and energy.

Every detail matters to me, beginning with stones and finishing with a thank you note that I deliver with the jewellery package.

We are all made of colour, boldness, elegance and class. That's what I desire to highlight in my dear customers so they can express themselves without words and full of confidence.