The Art of Jewelry

"Each jewel, like each person, is seen as a special and complete element, necessary to beautify the world."

Tatiana Marques

The jewels created are unique works of art centered on vibrant colors, life and light of precious and semi-precious stones.
The personality of each stone is unique and conveys a unique beauty to each jewel.

The intense glow of several stones that come together in a same jewel, combine their brilliance to intensify the beauty and elegance of the jewel.
Beauty also depends on balance, proportions and imperceptible details, which are the parameters that make the difference in jewelry.



Diamonds are one of the most valuable and desired stones in jewelry, and can be cut in the most diverse formats.
Its color varies depending on the impurities it contains, some of which are extremely rare and, as such, valuable.

Natural Stones

In nature, there are stones with the most varied shapes, textures, colors, and associated qualities.
Tatiana Marques Jewelry works only with natural semi-precious and precious stones.


Gold is a precious metal that does not oxidize or discolor, as it is the least reactive metal.
Gold has always been highly prized and is used in the world's most iconic and desired jewelry.
Tatiana Marques Jewelry usually works with different colors 18k gold (yellow, pink, red, white and green). Can also work with 14k and 19.2k gold upon request.

Sterling Silver

925 silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper.
It is a precious metal very appreciated and used in the most diverse jewelry, being more used than gold for being more accessible.

Gold Bath

Silver can be plated with 24k gold, taking on the same color as the different gold colors.