The Brand

"Your dream jewel in the palm of your hand."

Tatiana Marques

Tatiana Marques Jewelry is a Portuguese jewelry brand that created a unique symbiosis between the traditional and the contemporary. In a continuous learning process for the love of art and its secrets, Tatiana Marques Jewelry seeks to idealize jewelry with personality and in connection with the customer, creating unique jewels in quality productions and with original designs moved by a great passion for art.

Creativity, originality, expertise and quality are the principles by which Tatiana Marques Jewelry is governed, translating itself into sophisticated, elegant styles, in a conjunction between the traditional and the modern, which culminate in new collections inscribed in the culture of goldsmithing.

The tradition expressed in the jewels represents a superior attention to detail using ancestral techniques that result from an enormous passion for the secular art of jewelry.

Jewels, being unique, are intended to awaken feelings and emotions, which want to be unforgettable.