The Foundress

"All jewelry tells a story, allow me to tell mine."

Tatiana Marques

Tatiana Marques is a jewelry and goldsmith designer, born and residing in Covilhã, who dedicates itself to the production of jewelry based on artisanal techniques and the production of small distinctive series, where she mix the most advanced technologies of production of goldsmithery and jewelery with artisanal techniques.

The founder’s “savoir faire” was acquired through her academic career and professionally, first in Portugal, at the António Arroio Artistic School, in Lisbon, and later in Italy, at the Scuola Metallo Nobile, at the Lorenzo di Médici institute – The Italian International Institute and at Atelier Alessandro Dari, in Florence and Damiani Academy, in Valenza where, after a month and a half of training, she worked for ten months.

The training acquired over several years focused, in addition to the techniques of jewelery production and design, in the acquisition of skills and sensitivity in what refers to production planning, productivity, quality, safety and hygiene at work.