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Tatiana Marques Jewelry

Golden Pearl Necklace

Golden Pearl Necklace

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Indulge in the enchantment of our Gold-Plated Sterling Silver necklace, a radiant masterpiece adorned with the lustrous allure of a freshwater keshi pearl, delicately suspends a freshwater baroque pearl into golden-plated sterling silver shell.

These resplendent treasures, kissed by the warm embrace of gold-plated silver, elegantly mimic the rhythmic dance of ocean waves. As you wear this elegant creation, allow it to whisk you away to a world where the timeless charm of the sea melds seamlessly with the iridescent elegance of pearls, a union as harmonious as the tides.

This necklace becomes a cherished keepsake of the sea's enchanting essence that you carry with you, wherever your adventures may lead. Each one of these exquisite necklaces is a precious gem within the Sea Life Collection, a fitting adornment for special occasions, be it a wedding, a grand soirée, or a night under the stars—a manifestation of the creative director and jeweler, Tatiana Marques.

Gold Pearl Necklace in Gold Plated Sterling Silver with Freshwater Keshi and Baroque Pearls

Gold-Plated Sterling silver

1 Freshwater Baroque Pearl – 14-16 x 20-23 mm

100 Freshwater Keshi Pearls - 6 mm

Jewel Weight – 74.15 g

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