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Tatiana Marques Jewelry

Intense Swinging Necklace

Intense Swinging Necklace

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The Intense Swinging pendant/necklace has an elegant and youthful design, whose flower sways depending on the wearer's movement. The colors, which vary from gold, white, yellow and red, transmit a rich and exuberant air, transforming every princess into a queen. This pendant/necklace is part of the Garden of Life collection, designed by creative director and jeweler Tatiana Marques.

Intense Swinging Pendant-Necklace Gold Sapphires

Sterling silver gold plated 24k 

1 Red sapphire – 2.5 mm

3 Yellow sapphires – 2 mm

4 Red Sapphires – 2 mm

4 White sapphires – 2 mm

3 Red Sapphires – 1.8 mm

Jewel Measurements – 40.5 x 28.2 x 1.6mm

Jewel Weight – 4.65 g

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