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Tatiana Marques Jewelry

Moss Heart Earrings

Moss Heart Earrings

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The Moss Heart earrings feature four drop-cut moss agates, displaying it as the reflection of a drop of water resting on two leaves of the flower, which enhances its color and brightness. The shape of the jovial earrings is inspired by nature, with the moss agates, which together form a heart, enveloping two leaves, the remaining leaves being highlighted with handmade engraving. The two pink tourmalines represent the blossoming of a flower bud, at the beginning of its floral life. These earrings are part of the Garden of Life collection, designed by creative director and jeweler Tatiana Marques.

Moss Heart earrings with moss agates and pink tourmalines

Sterling silver with rhodium plating

Handmade Engraving

4 Moss Agates – 6×4 mm

2 Pink Tourmalines – 2.5 mm

Jewel Weight – 5.19 g

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