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Tatiana Marques Jewelry

Ocean Deep Ring

Ocean Deep Ring

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Immerse yourself in the ethereal allure of the Ocean Deep ring, a captivating masterpiece adorned with a Bi-color Sapphire that unwind like a radiant bloom at its heart. With a design that pays homage to the very essence of nature's artistry, this ring transcends into a youthful ode to life's vibrant beauty, culminating in the mesmerizing setting of the sapphire. A precious jewel from the enchanting Garden of Life collection, this ring carries the unmistakable signature of the creative director and jeweler, Tatiana Marques. Let this ring transport you to a realm where the wonders of the ocean meet the magic of nature.

Ocean Deep Ring Bi-color Sapphire

Sterling silver with rhodium plating

1 Bi-color Sapphire – 5x7 mm

Jewel Weight – 3.2 g

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