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Tatiana Marques Jewelry

Royal Blossom Gold Necklace

Royal Blossom Gold Necklace

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The Royal Blossom Necklace is a dazzling tribute to the beauty of spring. Exquisitely crafted, this necklace is a magnificent celebration of nature’s delicacy.
The necklace is a fusion of 18k red and yellow gold flowers, interwoven with soft 14k green gold leaves for a fresh and organic charm. It's adorned with purple amethysts, spring garden opals, emeralds, green sapphires and a tourmaline coming together in a symphony of colors, touched by a Colibri with a shimmering white diamond in its eye.


18k Yellow and Red Gold

14k Green Gold


Green Tourmaline

Spring Garden Opal

Green Saphires




High Jewelry


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